Free Thinking Society Vision, Mission, and More!


Building a freethinking community that promotes creativity, critical thinking, free thinking, culture, and arts, embraces science and reason, and celebrates diversity.


To embrace and promote free thinking in our communities.


Freethinking Society shall have the Arabic Name: الندوة (ALNADWA), and an official language of English.


It shall have the Objectives:

  • Promoting free thinking and critical thinking  in our communities
  • Promoting scientific literacy in our communities
  • Promoting  diversity and creativity in our communities

Strategies and Methodologies:

In the pursuit to achieve these objectives, FTS will use the following Strategies and Methodologies:

  • Organizing Lectures, conferences, seminars, discussions.
  • Producing media
  • Producing and/or promoting visual arts
  • Publishing articles and books electronically and imprint
  • Establishing relations and alliances with aligned organizations and programs
  • Managing and producing social media content and campaigns
  • Establishing programs promoting physical education & outdoor skills especially among youth.

Who Are We?

  • Alnadwa Free Thinking Society is an organization that requires members to form opinions on the basis of reason, independent from tradition, authority, or common customs and beliefs.
  • Alnadwa FTS believes and promotes reason and scientific thought and methodology for formulating facts and truths. Truth is the degree to which a statement corresponds with reality. Reality is limited to that which is directly perceivable through our natural senses or indirectly ascertained through the proper use of reason and scientific method.
  • Alnadwa FTS promotes and believes that what is moral is simply what does not hurt others. Be kind to all and base morality on human needs tangible and not imagined. This includes respect for our planet, other animals, and all principles of equality regardless of gender, color, race, national origin, sexual orientation. Alnadwa FTS rejects blind obedience; unexamined ultimatums members shall always base actions on their consequences to real living human beings.
  • Alnadwa FTS believes that meaning and interpretation of things, events, etc. originate in the individual mind. Promotes that individuals must care and free to choose a moral purpose to advance human compassion, social progress, the beauty of humanity (art, music, literature), personal happiness, pleasure, joy, love, and knowledge.
  • Alnadwa FTS believes that individuals must have the freedom of choice to believe in higher power or NOT without prejudice. Alnadwa will be a safe place for individuals to express their opinions and beliefs without prejudice, labeling, or fear of being persecuted or categorized as an outcast.
  • Alnadwa FTS rejects and fights discrimination in all forms and shapes, slavery, sexism, racism, homophobia, mutilations, intolerance, and oppression of minorities.
  • Alnadwa FTS believes and promotes separation between church/religion and state. We believe that free thinking is a philosophical and not a political position.
  • Alnadwa FTS is committed to secular values based on natural rational principles. Freethinking is reasonable and allows the individual to do his/her own thinking free from restraints of orthodoxy, and allows ideas to be tested, discarded or adopted.
  • Alnadwa FTS is an association of freethinkers working to keep the state and church separate, and to educate the public about scientific and rational views. We promote, cherish, and defend Human Rights.
  • Alnadwa FTS adapts and promotes the Declaration For Universal Values.


Free Thinking Society is a safe place where people who care about science, free thinking, culture, and innovation, and who believe in critical thinking and diversity, are able to interact, promote, and express their opinions, ideas, views, expressions, and/or any creative output that entertains, educates, or serves the betterment of human being, community, and society.


Free Thinking Society adapts a humanist identity. Since we, the founders, also belong to an Arab American identity, so it is a natural inclination to address and deal with our own cultural component of our identity. However, doors are open to contributors from different backgrounds, for their input, indeed, will enrich our goal. We do respond to the socio-economic and cultural needs of our community .


Some of the issues that we would be tackling:

  • The cultural and intellectual interaction and connection between the Arab American community and the Arab World.
  • Freedom of expression, as many stigmas and social pressures stand against the freedom of expression of our community, and especially our youth.
  • Tolerance to different and diverse ideas.
  • Rethinking our values and condemning injustices that are caused by some unquestioned values. Hence, the Declaration For Universal Values proposes a refined set of universal values.
  • Democratic procedures in the organizations, and transparency in handling all kind of affairs, from budgeting to communications and public relations.
  • Reform of Religion so as to harmonize religious values with modern sensitivities, universal values, Universal Declaration for Human Rights and scientific findings and advancements.
  • The modern Arab Identity, and aspects our heritage and culture that will provide us with strength and the ability to advance ourselves and our communities.
  • The decline of the Arab political and socio-economic situation, causes, and remedies.
  • Arab American Youth education and lack of specialization in humanities and arts.
  • Reforming cycle of life rituals to better ourselves and communities.

Published by W

Wissam, Wesley, or simply W, is an educator, writer, entrepreneur, engineer, activist, ex-Imam, humanist, liberal thinker with interest and mediocre attempt at many takes of life. A modern confused Renaissance man, who uses doubt as a path for emancipation and science as a road towards enlightenment.

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